Council on African World Affairs


The mission of the Council on African World Affairs is to provide an institutional forum by which leaders from around the African World, scholars, diplomats, observers, commentators will have the continual opportunity to address and/ or explain issues that are of concern to the African World.


The Council envisions giving members of the public and its community of members the opportunity to become actively involved in today's policy issues and to make an informal assessment of such issues. The Council is guided by the shared belief that, in an increasingly interdependent and interconnected world, greater and more sophisticated knowledge of the presenting issues and events is vital to the well being of all of the countries of the African World.


The Council on African World Affairs was founded in 2002. The Council is a private, non-profit, non-partisan public service association that maintains an open membership and does not take positions on issues. Like other more than seventy World Affairs Councils in other communities across the United States, the Council on African World Affairs is a local organization in programming, governance and support.

The Council is particularly relevant due to the often limited and inadequate media coverage and treatment of events, issues, developments that concern the African World. It serves as a community education forum, since the American system of limited government leaves certain essential educational responsibilities to private associations.

It advances its core mission by hosting addresses, lectures, seminars, discussions conferences, studies targeted at established interests, leadership, attentive citizenry, students, youth and attentive public in order to develop knowledgeable and effective citizenship, and more internationally aware community within the African World community.

Visit a place that you've never been before and learn to see things a little differently.

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