• The Distinguished Speakers Program - the centerpiece of council activities - feature major international and national leaders and distinguished authorities in the field of African World international affairs. It is designed to meet the needs of the Council's several audiences especially the attentive citizens.
  • The Educational Outreach Program presents one full conference on African World issues developments, current knowledge to Washington, D.C. metro and national secondary school faculty, Maryland's secondary school students, and Maryland colleges, faculty and students.
  • The Video Library makes transcripts and tapes of the Council programs available to members, schools and the general public.
  • The Travel Program allows members and the general public to participate in tours - local and international - to 'various African World locations, interests and Countries.
  • Volunteers and interns make many of the council's activities possible through their contributions in time and energy.
  • Annual African World Unity and Awards Day gala - annual celebration in observance of the independence and unity of all African peoples.
  • Democracy and good-governance promotion and development - the Council engages in election monitoring and training conferences to promote democracy and good-governance in the African World.
  • Educational Fund - the Council solicits and expends funds for education support to college students in Africa and the Diaspora, as a way to help meet the need for human development and the challenges associated with educational development in the African World.
  • Council Scholars Program - dedicated to educational scholarships, recognition and support for student members.
  • A Journal of African World Affairs - A peer reviewed journal focusing on African issues. It is pending publication.

Visit a place that you've never been before and learn to see things a little differently.

When we are away, we seem to look outside of our selves, gaze at amazing people and faces and things that make a place memorable.

It helps to bring perspective into our world. In the case of Africa, history's most fateful continent brings a very special sort of dimension to our life experience. Going to Africa really matters.

It is always a little more than a vacation. It is a fulfillment, a social and historical pilgrimage.