The Council's program is designed and administered by a small professional staff. All operations are reviewed and supervised by a distinguished Board of Directors. The Board represents a broad cross-section of the African World community, and it is deeply committed to the well being of the community, and has experience and keen interest in African World affairs.

Council Executive Staff:

  • Dr. John-Patrick Ifedi, Executive Director
  • Ms. Sonya Atkinson, Council Executive Assistant
  • Ms. B. Modupe Giwa, Assistant Director - Member Services
  • Mr. Michael "Zebendilos" Okpala, Esq , General Counsel
  • Sir. Vincent Agubokwu, Assistant Director - Programs
  • Ms. Maxine Moffet, Student Members Co-Coordinator

Accounting Firm:

Endwell Advisors, LLC; 507 Madison Drive, Stewartsville, NJ 08886

African World Regional Representatives:

Nigeria: Shomi Ladipo

Senegal and The Gambia: Antoinette Roberts

Ghana: Nana Kyea III

Cameroon: Dr. J Anyu Ndumbe

Internships may involve a combination of miscellaneous tasks or focus on a single project. A formal, recognized internship must last at least ninety hours. Internships for academic credit may be arranged in accordance with college rules. To apply for an internship, forward a short resume, a short statement of your interest in the Council and its activities, and, of course, our name , address, phone numbers and e-mail and fax/or fax, if available. You may send your information by fax, e-mail or mail.

Visit a place that you've never been before and learn to see things a little differently.

When we are away, we seem to look outside of our selves, gaze at amazing people and faces and things that make a place memorable.

It helps to bring perspective into our world. In the case of Africa, history's most fateful continent brings a very special sort of dimension to our life experience. Going to Africa really matters.

It is always a little more than a vacation. It is a fulfillment, a social and historical pilgrimage.