Scholars Program

Annually, the Council on African World Affairs would recognize outstanding student members of the organization as Council scholars. During a public ceremony, they will be given monetary award, certificate or plaque, as a way of encouraging excellence in educational pursuits among youth.
Qualified students selected by the board of directors may be required to submit a brief essay on an African World issue, as identified annually.

The scholars program may also include annual scholarly conference on a theme related to salient developments in the African World.

Recognitions and Awards Program

As a way to encourage and recognize individual effort complementary to the principles of the Council and development in the African World, the Council would present to deserving persons or organization the following awards each year during its annual unity and awards and gala event:

  1. Outstanding Governance Award
  2. Distinguished Community Service Award
  3. Distinguished Leadership Award
  4. Distinguished Citizenship Award

Education Assistance Fund

Annually, a number of eligible students in institutions of higher learning in the African World are provided financial assistance to facilitate their educational pursuit.
This aid is mostly based on need, as well as academic promise. Any student in university, polytechnic, teacher-training institution (any educational institution above the secondary school level) is eligible to apply.
This educational assistance varies from year to year, based on availability of funds. This assistance is channeled to the student through the bursar of the indicated academic institution.
The final date for application is March 31, 2006. The educational assistance recipients would be notified by or about June 30, 2006.

Application procedure is as follows:

  1. Complete the application form (make sure to provide information for every field, as failure to do so would trigger disqualification).
  2. Provide proof of current enrollment in an institution of the level described above.
  3. Application form signed by your school's bursar.
  4. Indicate a reliable contact or correspondence address, next of kin and phone number where you can be reached.
  5. Receipt of administrative fee from one of the Council's designated banks - Platinum Bank or Standard Trust Bank.

Visit a place that you've never been before and learn to see things a little differently.

When we are away, we seem to look outside of our selves, gaze at amazing people and faces and things that make a place memorable.

It helps to bring perspective into our world. In the case of Africa, history's most fateful continent brings a very special sort of dimension to our life experience. Going to Africa really matters.

It is always a little more than a vacation. It is a fulfillment, a social and historical pilgrimage.