The ultimate purpose of the Council on African World Affairs is to help ensure that the African World community has a comprehensive international affairs educational program. Its basic goal is to provide activities to meet the needs of its audiences. Among its more specific goals are:

  • providing for the discussion of current African World issues among attentive citizens and internationally oriented professional community.
  • increasing community participation in African World international affairs.
  • increasing the number of community members seriously interested in African World affairs.
  • raising the general level of community education about the African World by emphasizing, encouraging and facilitating conferences, lectures, discussions and publication.
  • providing a meeting ground for national leaders, especially on issues critical to the African World.
  • ensuring the regular presence of African World's leaders and renowned commentators in contact with the community.
  • fostering policy analysis for key issues.
  • enhancing the quality of present and future African World leadership.
  • invigorating the community's international environment.
  • improving the functioning of the community by identifying its international education needs and providing a complete and coordinated response to those needs.
  • institutionalizing a comprehensive international affairs program.
  • contributing to and demonstrating the vitality of a resurgent African World interest community, intellectually alive and aware of its national and international roles.
  • encourage scholarship and academic excellence in our youth.
  • strengthen the connection between all peoples of African descent.
  • collate perspectives about African World affairs through a formal academic journal.
  • provide development aid of various types to African peoples to help alleviate the challenges difficult human condition in Africa.

Visit a place that you've never been before and learn to see things a little differently.

When we are away, we seem to look outside of our selves, gaze at amazing people and faces and things that make a place memorable.

It helps to bring perspective into our world. In the case of Africa, history's most fateful continent brings a very special sort of dimension to our life experience. Going to Africa really matters.

It is always a little more than a vacation. It is a fulfillment, a social and historical pilgrimage.